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Things I’m loving lately: comedy edition

Zach and I have been on a real comedy kick lately. We’ve recently started attending more standup shows, including Seth Meyers and Norm Macdonald, and already have another coming up soon — Anthony Jeselnik! Because of this, here are five things that have made me laugh lately. Enjoy.

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Casinos, comedy and baseball

This is the proudest moment in Zach Greenwell’s life. Not our marriage, but this.


I slightly agree seeing as this photo with comedian Norm Macdonald may or may not now be my phone’s lock screen, my desktop wallpaper at work, my Macbook’s wallpaper and printed off in my work cubicle.

Saturday was a perfect day. Zach and I woke up to my mom’s hash brown casserole, hung out with my parents and Anna a while, grabbed a bite of lunch at Mike Linnig’s in Louisville, Ky., and made it to Belterra Casino in Florence, Ind., by 4 p.m. Zach and I made this weekend trip to catch his all-time favorite comedian, Norm Macdonald, doing standup and take in a Cincinnati Reds game on Sunday.

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“The Cuckoo’s Calling” and a hot air balloon sighting

I came across a hot air balloon while running this morning! That’s something you don’t see in Bowling Green, Ky., every day.

photo 2

This morning was absolutely beautiful. When I started my run at about 5:40 a.m., it was just 64 degrees out and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. While I do love summer, when I’m running I crave crisp fall weather. My running sweet spot is between 60 and 65 degrees.

Before I set out, I planned on running 4 miles, but at 3.5 miles I had to stop and remove a pesky rock from my shoe. This knocked me out of my groove so I just finished it up with a 10-minute walk.

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