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Lovely lunch breaks

Every Wednesday the past few weeks, BB&T Concerts in the Park has provided its Noon in June series at Fountain Square Park in downtown Bowling Green. Fountain Square Park is my favorite place in Bowling Green (maybe because a certain someone proposed to me there), so grabbing a picnic lunch and a blanket and heading to the park with some of my co-workers for some tunes is the perfect treat to break up my work day.

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Our second anniversary

On Monday, the husband and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary (if you’d like to read more about our special day two years prior, visit this post.) We spent the evening exchanging cards, eating a quiet homemade dinner and watching a couple episodes of “House of Cards.” Typically, we would’ve grabbed a bite out on the night of our anniversary, but the place we wanted to eat is closed on Mondays. So we opted to wait one night longer and grab some grub from there last night.

Since we’re always so eager to give one another our gifts, we exchanged presents a week prior. First, Zach surprised me for a front porch swing for our new home. He and his dad installed it while I was at work. I came home to a gorgeous white swing complete with two outdoor pillows.

I must say I’ve been enjoying it quite frequently!

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A Christmasy weekend

Happy Monday morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know that I did as mine felt very Christmasy.

I finished up the majority of my Christmas shopping on Friday night and started wrapping presents while watching the Kentucky game. I love the way our tree looks when presents start appearing beneath!


On Saturday, my friend Janie and I went to local antique and vintage stores to look for furniture and other home goods. If you’re ever in Bowling Green, Ky., Rummage 300, Rubye & Ola, LuLu’s and Digs On The River have some great finds. We also traveled a few miles north to Smith’s Grove, which is a quaint little town that has a row of antique shops on Main Street. There were some great pieces of furniture in some of the shops, but nothing I could commit to right away.

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